Innovative Science Fields in Japan

It probably will not come as a shock that Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to research and development of new technologies. When people in the western world were merely using phones for texting and calling, before the advent of Apple’s popular smartphone, iPhone, Japanese people were already using smartphones for communicating in innovative ways that people probably did not even fathom at the time, such as social media, phones, videos, video calls, Snapchat like apps, etc.japanese-researcher

So yeah, going to Japan in the 90s and in the early 2000s felt like stepping into the future. Nowadays, however, thanks to globalization and the Internet revolution, the world and its countries are connected in so many ways that it is difficult to be surprised any longer about different advancements in the field of science and technology, given that people can now expect pretty much anything. Surely, “the future” is now, and it might not look a hell lot like Back to the Future predicted, back in 1985, when the year 2015 was depicted as having flying cars and hover boards (although both have already been invented, but they are still far from perfect).

One of the fields of science that have seen a lot of progress in Japan in recent years is prosthetics and robotics, and they can both be intimately related. There are some robots that resemble pets, like dogs, and an experiment has been conducted, with people kicking these robots, which are extremely resilient and strong and of course cannot feel pain, related to the ability of humans of feeling empathy for other beings. Even if robots are not sentient beings yet, people still felt really bad when they observed someone kicking or being violent towards a robot, which begs the question of whether robots will be entitled to having rights in the future.