International Nanotechnology Community

Here you will find a collection of interesting articles regarding nanotechnology from the international nanotechnology community.

The first page will help you understand what is nanotechnology, what is the scale of work of this innovative science and what are the fields of study implied in this activity, but also the possible fields of application it has or might have.

The origins of nanotechnology reveals the path of history that drove this science from the pages of the book ‘Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology’ to the real applications that change and improve the lives of thousand people.

The fundamental concepts discusses the scale these materials work, the current state of the technology advancement and the aims that scientists and researchers have for the future of medical applications.

About the nanomaterials page reveals some of the main tools and guidelines that scientists use to create and invent. The nano medicine page describes the inventions intended for medical use, while the nano electronics look into the development of the technological side. The biomaterial page describes the field of substances invented to interact directly with the organism through treatment, repair and replacement of damaged parts of the human body.

The page bionics discusses the background inspiration that drives nanotechnology further into the future. Many of the current inventions that now are an integrated part in the day to day life, such as the velcro, the radar, the nano artificial adhesive outgrips or the artificial neurons.

The field of nanotechnology has changed, is changing and will change and improve the human life with its inventions in the future. The information on this page is just a small part of the big field of nanotechnology, but it will establish a ground knowledge for any enthusiast of the subject.