The Nano Electronics

nano-electronicsNanoelectronics refer to the application of nanotechnology in devices and elements intended for electronic use. It might refer to elements that vary from atomic size to electronics visible with the naked eye. Some of the most known products of this subgenre are the carbon nanotubes, the silicon technology and hybrid molecular electronics.

Gordon Moore, one of the co-founders of Intel, discovered in 1965 that the silicon transistors were following a process of scaling downwards. This particular action and application was later called the law of Moore. The observation Moore made was that each two years the transistors mounted in the same integrated circuits in double. This trend of packing much more data in the same physical size is the theory which is predicted to influence the future of technology for at least other twenty years. This trend is easily recognisable in the downscale of the computer technology, from the big bulky size in the 80s, to the packing and integration of the same technology in laptops, and later in the smart phones. The technology directly applies to the semiconductors and transistors in the computer components, but also on the memory boards.

This technology is directly applicable also in the energy production and medical fields. It is believed that finding a way to produce cheaper and more effective solar cells with planar silicon solar cells would increase the worldwide demand for this product. An alternative research for energy production is being conducted in the biological nano field. The in vivo operation mode of this technology focuses on extracting energy from a living organism, algae or food.

In the medical field, nanosensors are being developed as you read this article. The aim is that these nano devices detect the areas in the human body with a higher concentration in biomolecules. The technology enables a better monitoring of the health of the patients, a more efficient intervention in the case of disease or a better construction of technology that would fight and defense the human organism against different destructive viruses.